Author: Kelsey Fiander-Carr


The Art Of Making A Dorm A Home

As the fall semester begins, Eastern residents are steadily decorating a room that will soon become their home for the next two academic terms. Too often, college students are under the notion that a dorm will never have that cozy and warm feeling you get when going home to family. […]


Eastern Among Best Christian Colleges

In recent months, Eastern has been ranked in a few national lists of outstanding Christian colleges and universities based on aesthetics, academics, and various other qualities that make any institution of higher education attractive to prospective students. The most recent list from College Choice named Eastern 34 out of 50 […]


Philly Fan Creates SportsVenting App

      Philadelphia native Jeff Phillips has been passionate about Philly sports for multiple decades. He has been longing for a platform in which fans can express their thoughts about a team’s games, players and even coaches. Soon enough, he came up with the idea of having an app […]

Center Spread

This is Journalism

The Ethics and Standards of Journalism by Hector Davila       For centuries journalism has undergone the test of time, having to endure difficulties, challenges and failures that have shaped the ethics and standards of journalism today. TRUTHFULNESS       There has been a recent rise in fake […]


How Should We Define a Sport?

      When asked, “What is sport?” we often go to the natural prototypes of football, basketball or even baseball. However, we are reluctant to answer the question with cheerleading or horseback riding. Why? In our society we tend to think that if it does not involve a ball […]


The Art of Following Your Passions

      I have to say, when I started high school, I was the worst writer on the face of the planet, but I was put into upper-level English because I had “impeccable comprehension of literature.” However, my first-year English teacher absolutely transformed my understanding of writing with one simple […]