Author: Hannah Bonanducci


What is Unity?:

Eastern students offer input and aspirations on this year’s theme. By: Hannah Bonanducci At freshman orientation this year, Eastern University presented a hopeful theme of “unity” for this school year. The theme took over the rock behind Walton (for those of you wondering what that unfinished “uni” was supposed to […]


Diving Past the Algorithm:

A music review of alternative options. By: Hannah Bonanducci I’m sure that I’m not alone in my desperate search for new music that isn’t one of Tik Tok’s latest hits or a Taylor Swift song that has resurfaced and reached the Top 10 on the charts (no offense to the […]


President Biden Visit Philadelphia:

The President’s speech was centered around unity and how the country desperately needs it. By: Hannah Bonanducci Source: The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer  On Sept. 1, President Biden delivered an impassioned speech at Independence Hall about the state of America’s democracy and his hopes for what it […]