Author: Hannah Bonanducci


Dance the Night Away: A sneak peak of the upcoming “Dimensions” performance by EU’s Dance Department

By: Hannah Bonanducci The Arts department at Eastern has seen a flurry of events and performances for the semester so far, with the success of The Illusion theater production and the further success of the music department’s Fall Music Festival this past month. Looking forward on the event calendar is […]


“The Illusion” Production Preview: Also, those posters around campus with an odd-looking web have a meaning

By: Hannah Bonanduci You may have noticed recently around campus a takeover of posters for the upcoming theater production “The Illusion.” It may seem like another generic poster showcasing a play you’re not planning on attending, but both the poster and the show are worthy of a second look. Eastern’s […]


Renting Costs Continue to Rise: The rising cost of rent for city dwellers continues to increase, notable those local to Philadelphia

By: Hannah Bonanducci In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and major shifts in administrations, many Americans have felt the strain of inflation reflected in the more expensive grocery trips and cost of gas. However, a concern that has been a problem since the start of the pandemic is the […]


It’s a Delight to Have You: A look into the Delight Bible study group held at Eastern

By: Hannah Bonanducci Eastern University has many opportunities for spiritual growth, ranging from the weekly chapel services, Wednesday night worship sessions, to the Cru Bible study and so on. However, another lesser-known group that meets on campus is Delight, a small women’s Bible study group funded and run by some […]