Yes! And… Clean Green Machine showcases talents of inner city youth

The Clean Green Machine roared with excitement as it was accompanied by a memorable soundtrack and the amazing talents of both young and old performers from Yes! And…’s performing arts camp. The camp is an educational program aimed at fostering talent in inner city kids.

The basic premise of the Clean Green Machine is that Mother Nature, Sophia to her friends, is convinced by her apprentice Chip Staples to take a break from matters of earth and vacation in sunny Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

However, not all is well in paradise. As soon as Sophia takes her leave, Chip assumes the position of Mother Nature, controlling everything from the animals to the seasons and the weather. With a crazed Chip Staples at the helm, nature starts to go haywire.

In response to some outrageous summer weather in mid-January, a small group of concerned children appeal to a “jazz-ercising” janitor, who is personally acquainted with Mother Nature, to help them discover what is causing nature to melt down.

The children soon discover that Chip has created a device for simplifying nature by eliminating redundancies dubbed the “Either/Or” Machine. For instance, hamsters and guinea pigs are determined to be too similar, so guinea pigs are eliminated.

However, Chip and his tyrannical “clean green machine” must be stopped. Combine yoga-fighting ninjas, a master chef with chronic relationship problems, the children and the jazz-ercising janitor, and eventually Chip’s personal crusade to save nature ends in disaster.

Fortunately when Mother Nature returns from Brazil, she is able to set things straight, restoring nature to its original state.

The Clean Green Machine incorporated talents not only from inner city kids but also Eastern’s own. Junior Kevin Monaghan played Chip Staples and Eastern alumni Jennifer Dries and Natalie Cisternas performed as various background actors and singers.

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