Women’s Soccer Player Profile: Kristine Zeiset

Kristine Zeiset may only be a first-year, but she does not play like one on the soccer field.

Zeiset has become one of the Eagle’s offensive threats this season. The midfielder plans to be an accounting major with potential plans of becoming a teacher. Zeiset is treating her first year as an Eagle as an opportunity to learn.

“I think there is definitely a difference in college soccer than in high school,” Zeiset said. “In high school, a lot of girls were there to have fun, but in college, it’s about having fun and learning while you are playing.”

Zeiset is letting it all soak in. “I am really glad I have the opportunity with all the seniors that play on the team,” she said. “I am just having a lot of fun working with the upperclassmen and learning from them.”

Zeiset was a tri-sport athlete in high school, where she played varsity basketball, volleyball and soccer. She made a late decision to play soccer at the college level.

“I would say volleyball was my main sport, but I decided to play soccer in college, and it has worked out for me,” she said.

Zeiset also did not play soccer at an early age. Unlike many of her teammates, Zeiset’s schedule did not consist of soccer outside of school.

“I started soccer in sixth grade,” Zeiset said. “I played soccer, volleyball and basketball through their season. I never played any club soccer; I think if I played soccer all throughout the season, I would get tired of it. Every time I start a new soccer season, I am excited.”

With Eastern being in the midst of a MAC championship run, Zeiset will give it her all during tournament play, even though she is one of the youngsters with the high responsibility of putting the ball into the net.

“I guess I don’t understand the full extent of the competition yet, but I just go out there and play my game and work hard for my teammates,” Zeiset said. “I am very competitive, and I like to see how good I can become working with my teammates. I believe if you work hard, you can be successful.”

Hard work has paid off for Zeiset, but she can’t be thankful enough for the opportunity she has been given this year to show her skills.

“I just like to go out on the field and know that the time I am given is an opportunity on the field,” she said. “I wouldn’t say coming into college I had the greatest skills, but playing this year has helped my skills a lot.”

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