White Noise: Excuse me, can you hear the dead?

If you have ever seen the movie White Noise, you might have a lot of questions about the subject of speaking to the dead.

The movie’s protagonist is Michael Keaton, whose character becomes a widower who faces numerous challenges in undertaking techniques to communicate with the dead.

The movie deals with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon and Instrumental Transcommunication.

Nevertheless, before the movie White Noise, electronic communication with the dead was considerably unheard of. Hence, the movie played a key role in introducing to the mainstream principles that are not usually part of popular culture.

The movie is very entertaining, but its messages on communicating with the dead are very controversial. Thus, other minor cinematographical goofs such as the critiquing of its plot and overall acting have taken the back seat in many reviews.

The American Association of EVP introduced in its website, AAEVP.com, new terms to share what their beliefs are. EVP are unexpected “voices” found in recording media. ITC includes all of the ways these unexpected voices and images are collected through technology.

According to believers of EVP, anyone can grab a tape recorder and record voices of dead people. There are many skeptics of this kind of belief and practice. However, EVP is becoming an increasingly popular subject inside and outside mass media.

However interesting this belief may seem, there are numerous objections voiced by many different professionals.

Dr. James E. Alcock, PhD states in his article, “Electronic Voice Phenomena: Voices of the Dead?”: “Man… can come to believe fervently in phenomena which in all likelihood do not exist…Electronic Voice Phenomena are the products of hope and expectation; the claims wither away under the light of scientific scrutiny.”

Perhaps, through Christian theological lenses, these “voice phenomena” may have some validity, but may not come from evil spirits rather than from dead people.

In Luke 16: 26, scripture presents a rich man who requests unsuccessfully for Lazarus to return to the living. This passage is commonly interpreted as stating that no one can cross over from death to life. Nevertheless, there are numerous passages in the Bible that point to the existence of demons and their interaction with the living world.

The subject of EVP introduced in the movie needs more research from objective angles and with good prayerful intentions.

There are many questions concerning this subject that remain mysterious and unanswered, but we will at least hope to have acquired a general awareness of the subject.

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