What’s In For 2007: Future

An Eastern poll conducted the week of Jan. 22 suggests iPods and Dell computers are “where it’s at” on campus, while the biggest technology announcement of 2007 is mostly rejected, if at all known, by the student body.

While the camera phone was hot three years ago, it is now the MP3 phone, as suggested by the iPhone. According to Apple.com, iPhone is a three-in-one deal: high-tech mobile phone, iPod and top-of-the-line Internet device. Its anticipated release is scheduled for June 2007 at the price of $499.

Yet, of the 286 students polled, over half report not planning to buy the hype of the technology world thus far in 2007. Those who are not familiar with the iPhone outnumber those who will buy if they have the coins. Only one student is planning to purchase it.

Students do, however, love portable music. Ever notice how many people walk on campus with headphones in their ears?

As for what portable music device students own, the iPod by Apple is the most common at 46 percent of students polled. Other answers included MP3 players at 20 percent or no devices at 18 percent. The remaining percentage included CD players and MP3 phones. Digital music is in; CDs and tapes are going out fast.

Even though Apple leads in music, the poll suggests that the company’s Mac computers are not favorable among students.

Dell is by far the most popular brand on campus with 42 percent of students polled claiming they own one. HP, Mac, Toshiba and Gateway were owned by 32 percent of the students surveyed. Other brands and no answer constitute 20 percent. Only 7 percent use the library and lounges.

What piece of technology would students least like to be without for a day? Computers came in first with cell phones a close second.

So whether students are technophobes or technophiles, life without technology is nearly impossible. Will iPhone be the next big thing on campus? The preliminary survey is skeptical, but who knows what the future holds.

Poll conducted by Chelsea Zimmerman & Casey Stauffer, photo editor. Graphics by Lynne Stauffer.

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