What boils my egg

I cannot lie and say that I was a part of the masses that huddled around their televisions for the Super Bowl. Football never really intrigued me. I grew up on baseball, so “watching the big game” had a completely different meaning.

However, I did pass by the T.V. on multiple occasions. At the end of the game, there was apparently an amazing program coming on. Out of curiosity, I sat and saw those four big letters hit the screen…

You know what really boils my egg?


“Glee.” Seriously, this show is progressively rolling downhill into a sewage plant filled with barbed, electrical wires. And yet it is still winning awards. Are you kidding me, America? Is this a sick joke at my expense? Why do you hate me so?


There was a time when I would sit with my friends and laugh at the notion of “High School Musical” as it grew in popularity. At least it was young children who were the target audience. But this is just depressing, to see these same people laugh at the ridiculous concept and turn around to become the biggest “gleeks” that this show can produce.

I tried to enjoy it. I truly did. I wanted to say that the concept of combining music and story plot, like a live-action Disney tale, was innovative and enjoyable. But the writing is just too awful. I did not realize that television was “going green” by recycling every old high school plot. It should be re-titled “The Secret Life of the American Degrassi, 90210, The Musical.”

And the characters. Oh, the characters. They are the worst representation of stereotypes that I have ever seen. This show is built on awful archetypes. And they tried to give their pool a deeper reflection by adding drama to the character’s lives, but it is all just so plastic and annoying. Seriously, how many times can they have the cheerleading coach call a student “fat” and still work there?

It has become plain to see that, no matter what I or any other “haters” say, this show may be around for a while. For some reason, it is continuing to beat “Modern Family,” which is honestly astonishing. I suppose “Kidz Bop the Television Show” must be more entertaining than sitcoms with a substantial, comedic plot.

Consider this egg: boiled.

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