What boils my egg

In the previous issue, I created a “top ten” list of things that irritate me. However, I deliberately left the number one spot open. My reasoning for this is that I take this specific annoyance very seriously. It is one that has followed me throughout middle school, high school, sports, parties and even church. And I know that I am not the only one…You know what really boils my egg?

When people are fake. It physically ails me to be around people with such low caliber. Everything about the plasticity aggravates me to the point where I actually have to leave their presence. And I feel that, unfortunately, this may be a problem that will not be solved in my lifetime.

My first memorable experience with a counterfeit person was in middle school. I was a little odd, and a little tubby, and other kids tended to avoid me. However, there was one kid who seemed to break from the status quo and opened up his friendship to me. Of course, this did not end up being a complete truth.

It turned out that he was nice to me only because he knew that I had one of the newer video game systems and wanted to play. It may not seem like a big deal, but when you only have one friend, a situation like that becomes earth-shattering.

One of the worst parts about these people is that some of them are oblivious to their own plasticity. They feel that the sympathy and care that they show for others is legitimate, despite their excitement when they receive something in return. Friendships should not have to be conditional.

One of the most heartbreaking situations to deal with is realizing that these “plastics” can also be found in churches. They are the ones who fall asleep during the sermons, but nonetheless take communion and even tell others that “they will be remembered during prayer” when there is no intention to pray. What is the point of speaking without authenticity?

As for me, I will continue to try to live by my philosophies. I have my flaws, but I will never treat people with a lie in my heart. If you are not real with yourself, then you cannot be real with others.

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