Welcoming the new SGA

Junior Timothy Wotring has been elected as President of the Student Government Association, and junior Brianna Hall is serving as Vice President. Junior Shaant Shishmanian has been elected as Treasurer along with senior Martha Larson as Secretary.

The new board members want to make the upcoming year one of renewal. “We are going to light a little fire under the students, to help them to get excited about student government and about Eastern,” Wotring said.

The board already has many plans for the oncoming year, including creating a blog, a Facebook group, scheduling SGA retreats, posting the SGA constitution online and introducing more of a spiritual aspect in SGA.

“Tim is a phenomenal leader, and we look forward to making SGA grow,” Hall said.

If you would be interested in joining SGA, contact Tim at twotring@eastern.edu.

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