Vick is the Eagles’ future now

If the Philadelphia Eagles want to have a shot at winning a Super Bowl this season, Michael Vick must be the starter.

A lot of people have different opinions about the new starting quarterback of the Eagles. Even with the different opinions about him, we must admit that he is the best option under center.

After Kevin Kolb went down with a concussion two weeks ago against the Green Bay Packers, Vick came into the game and brought some energy to a sluggish Eagles offense. Vick ended the game going 16-24 for 175 yards while throwing one touchdown. The Vick of old seemed to have his legs under him as he rushed for 103 yards. The Packers defense just couldn’t slow him down.

The main point of Vick’s performance is that the Eagles almost came back to beat the Packers. The man who was once convicted of dog fighting is now a threat for a team that was in a “rebuilding year” after trading Donovan McNabb in the off season.

Once Kolb wasn’t cleared to play for week two against the Lions, it was Vick’s show. Not only did Vick put an outstanding offensive performance, but he also led Philadelphia to a 35-32 victory over Detroit. Vick threw for 284 yards and tossed two touchdowns.

All of a sudden, The City of Brotherly Love was in favor of a person who served two years in prison for dog fighting. Why? Well, Philadelphia is a football town, and the Eagles mean a lot to many sports fans.

Vick was suspended indefinitely by the NFL without pay when he was convicted in 2007. He lost all his endorsements, filed for bankruptcy and lost years of experience. If Philadelphia wants a chance at a championship, it should put the past behind it.

The Eagles signed him right before the 2009 season to a one-year deal. Vick played backup to McNabb and supposedly followed him around like a lost puppy. Vick’s $1.6 million contract wasn’t too shabby either for someone who was incarcerated for a vicious crime.

People protested in front of the Eagles’ stadium, threatening to never go to a game as long as Vick was an Eagle.

After McNabb was traded, the Eagles had a tough decision to make: Have Kolb as their quarterback or give Vick a chance? Head Coach Andy Reid chose to go with Kolb as the new franchise quarterback. It was now Kolb’s show, and the entire city had to see what the young kid could do.

Well, that didn’t go too well in week one. Kolb look flustered facing a very good Packers defense. He couldn’t complete simple throws, and he couldn’t get the right read on the defense. The last straw was hitting the turf and getting a concussion. Now Vick has the hot hand, and he should be kept in the starting line up. With the numbers he has been putting up, how can you not?

In two games, Vick threw for 459 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions and rushed 18 times for 140 yards. The Eagles offense looks flawless with him under center, so what is the problem?

Coach Andy Reid knows what he is doing. He led the Eagles to a Super Bowl in 2004 and has a 10-6 postseason record. He has won over 100 games as a head coach, and he consistently finds a way to win with whoever is on the field. 

I firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Even though Vick committed a crime, he should have a chance to be the star that he was before.

“When someone is playing at the level Michael Vick is playing, you have to give him an opportunity,” Reid told reporters during a press conference. “You’re talking about Michael Vick as one the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now.”

Reid is right. Sorry folks, but this is Vick’s show now. Pop some popcorn, grab a drink and enjoy.

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