Two faculty members plan to leave biology, communication

As the campus community says goodbye to the class of 2005, it will also bid farewell to two full-time professors.

Eastern veteran Dr. Marv Meyer is retiring this year along with communication professor Dr. Emily Langan.

For 30 years Meyer has taught courses in the biology department, namely mircrobiology and TCP earthkeeping.

In addition to teaching, Meyer has been instrumental in developing new courses such as cell biology and a DNA research lab.

These courses were developed through research he performed while on sabbatical at Penn State and Cornell universities.

“It has been a very creative time,” he said. “I think what I enjoyed most was starting new courses.”

Meyer has especially enjoyed his interactions with students.

“I will miss the lab more than my office,” he said. “I enjoyed working in the lab with students and learning together.”

While Meyer does not look forward to leaving his students or his lab behind, he felt it was a good time to retire.

“I’m ready to do some other things in a more relaxed manner,” he said.

Although Meyer will still teach a course next semester, he will have more time to unwind. He is thinking about taking up chess and has already signed up for a bird watching group at the Gulph Creek Watershed. He would also like to join a volunteer group.

Most importantly, he also has plans to maintain connections with students and to spend time with his three grandchildren.

Meyer has no regrets about his time spent at Eastern.

“It’s been a freeing place to work,” he said. “I’m leaving feeling like Eastern is stronger, more directed and spiritually alive. It’s amazing to see.”

A recent addition to the communication department will also be departing.

Associate professor Dr. Emily Langan accepted a job offer at her alma mater, Wheaton College.

Langan will be the chairperson in the communication department and will also act as advisor to the communication undergraduates.

The position previously belonged to her undergraduate advisor and mentor Em Griffin.

Langan said she feels that the job will be a good fit.

“The job ad was written for me,” Langan said. “It’s all the things I’m good at.”

In addition, moving to Illinois will put Langan closer to family, and she is excited about the new opportunities Wheaton offers.

“The student body at Wheaton is appealing,” she said. “A larger percentage of students want to go on to graduate school so I’ll help prepare them for that.”

Ever since she graduated from Wheaton, Langan has wanted to go back, but she did not plan to leave Eastern so soon.

“I wasn’t looking for another job,” she said. “Wheaton was the only place I applied.”

Langan planned to stay longer at Eastern but said that God is leading her in a new direction.

“It will be hard to say goodbye,” she said. “I’ve grown to love a lot of our students and I’ve made some very good friends.”

She said she was able to interact with many types of students in her classes and treasures her experiences.

She is also looking forward to the new experience awaiting her at Wheaton.

“It’s exciting but a little scary. This is a big step forward in my career,” she said.

Eastern will also say goodbye to long-time math professor Dr. George Zampetti as he will be retiring at the end of the semester.

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