True Sacrifice

One would think that giving more in quantity would actually be giving more of an offering. As always, Jesus had to go against the “obvious” view. The story of the widow in Luke is an example of that.

Normally, Luke 21:1-4 is discussed in reference to tithing and giving to the church. There is definite value in this interpretation, but the story goes so much deeper than that. This biblical passage is about sacrificing out of our weakness.

So often, God asks us to do things that are not easy for us. I say “for us” because what is not easy for one person may be completely manageable for another. God may call two students to Eastern University, and one may have that language requirement come easily and the other may not.
I also say that because each person carries wounds and issues that are by no means identical to another’s. God may start revealing these and bringing healing to a student who was not even aware that they harbored such deep cuts.
What God wants from us is not always easy to give. It can result in worry, guilt, brooding, tears, pain and sleepless nights. Then, when we give Him what He asked for in the midst of these, we may think our sacrifice could not possibly be valuable to God.

Thoughts like, “I’m not as good at this class as so-and-so,” “I don’t have as much faith as so-and-so,” pass through our minds. We may internalize our doubts and self-criticism and become downcast.

What we don’t realize is that Jesus recognizes when things are not easy for us. He knows us inside and out. When God asks you to do something and you have a hard time giving Him what He asked, He’s not surprised. In fact, because He knows the poverty of your situation, He honors what you give Him.

The widow in Luke gave more than everyone else because what she gave was more difficult for her to give. What the widow put in the offering was truly a sacrifice.

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