Trelawney’s headed to IMAX

The Dining Commons filled with dozens of magical characters, and several Muggles were spotted in the mix as well on Nov. 18. Costumes included vicious Death Eaters, noble members from the Order of the Phoenix and multiple Hogwarts professors. Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort himself were even seen boogying on the dance floor, a sight that attracted much Muggle photography.

When else could you find a party like this than on the premiere for the latest installment in the Harry Potter movie franchise?

The costumers’ hard work paid off when the very coveted awards were handed out. As the characters circled the makeshift Great Hall, the three judges – Hermione Granger (senior Chelsea Post), Professor McGonagall (Dr. Caroline Cherry) and Ron’s pet owl Pigwidgeon (Dr. Kevin Maness) – evaluated them on their originality, execution, effort and character.

It was spooky how often Quibbler-carrying Luna Lovegood appeared, skipping past the awestruck judges. The Luna that won the judges’ hearts in the end was junior Eliza Bronson, who was awarded two “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” Friday night tickets.

Acting even crazier than Luna, if possible, was none other than the fortune telling Professor Trelawney. With wildly frizzled hair and a crystal ball in hand, senior Kristin Smither stole the show to win two IMAX tickets to the seventh Harry Potter film.

With a misty voice and hunched shoulders, Smither fit the role perfectly, as if she had downed a few vials of Polyjuice Potion before attending the contest.

“I am honored, but I predicted the whole thing,” said Smither/Trelawney, motioning to her aluminum foil crystal ball.

Judge Hermione Granger, who looked eerily similar to the Waltonian Editor-in-Chief, said the characters that won were very “in depth and in character.”

Professor McGonagall, who was being impersonated by Dr. Cherry, agreed with “Granger,’ saying that they were immediately able to identify which characters the winners dressed as.

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