Top seed Super Bowl


Now that the matchup is set for Super Bowl XLIV, let’s get ready for the story lines.


The Indianapolis Colts will battle the New Orleans Saints for the coveted Super Bowl title.


This Super Bowl marks the first time since Super Bowl XXVIII that both number one seeds from the AFC and NFC will face off in the NFL’s biggest event.


The Colts, who finished the regular season with 16 wins and two losses, are looking to win their second Super Bowl title in the past four years. 


Peyton Manning, the Colts quarterback, has dominated at his position over the past couple seasons, setting countless records. However, many  NFL experts believe he needs another championship to seal his spot as a football legend. 


On the other side, the Saints will be striving for  their first Super Bowl championship in franchise history.


The Saints’ quarterback, Drew Brees, lead his team to a 13-3 regular season record and will try to prove to everyone that he is more then just a fantasy league quarterback, but a championship-level leader.


These are great story lines.


The Super Bowl will consist of two high-power offenses. While a high-scoring game can be expected, both defenses are capable of making big plays at any given time. 


Believe it or not, these two teams are evenly match, but that’s another story.


The Saints and Colts share one story–their journey to the Super Bowl.


Both teams were undefeated late in the regular season, making them easy favorites for the title match.  


However, with a couple hiccup games at the end, the Colts and Saints went from being the teams to beat, to the teams expected to stumble in the playoffs. 


After losing to the New York Jets in Week 16 of the regular season, the Colts’ run for perfection was over. They went on to lose the regular season finale the next week, appearing to be out of sync on their plays.


The Saints took a similar spill late in the season, losing to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 15.  The Saints went on to drop the next two games to teams that did not even make it to the playoffs.


That said, both teams still earned the top seed in their respective conferences and responded similarly in their first playoff matches, shutting down their opponents and shutting up the critics that doubted them.


Now look who is in the Super Bowl.


Both teams looked ecstatic as they hoisted their  respective conference championship trophies in the air after the games on Jan. 24.


However, amidst the celebrations, players on both sides knew they still had one more story left in the 2008-2009 season.


Watch as the final chapter unfolds on Feb. 7 in Miami, Fla. Kickoff is slated for 6:30 p.m. on CBS. 


Which team will get the fairy tail ending?


That is yet to be determined.



SIFE will be hosting a Super Bowl party in the Breezeway, beginning at 6:15 p.m. 

Light snacks will be provided with games and prizes announced throughout the night.

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