Thomas Drive now two-way

The Thomas Drive exit onto Fairview Drive by the Gatehouse is now officially closed. As mentioned in an email to the Eastern community from Campus Services, at 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 23, the Eagle Road entrance became the only access to the main campus.

“We were required to close off the Thomas Drive exit on Fairview Drive as part of the agreement made with Radnor Township so we could build the new dorm and office building,” said Executive Director of Campus Services Carl Altomare.

According to Director of Security Jack Sheehan, parking is prohibited on Thomas Drive because it is now two-way. “We placed 30 parking spots in the turnaround to accommodate the cars that would have lost a parking spot by not being able to park on Thomas Drive,” he said. “No new spots were created.”

To regulate traffic on the small back roads around campus, buses will now be required to enter and exit the campus through Eagle Road only. “Buses are prohibited to enter the gym parking lot via Fairview Drive,” said Sheehan. “They will now let athletes off on Thomas Drive near the gym.”

Neighbors initially wanted all access to Eastern from Fairview Drive to be closed and proposed a bridge over McGraw Lake, according to Sheehan. This solution, he said, was unattainable, mostly due to space and monetary constraints. “We would have to have two bridges and the prices would be in the millions,” he said.

The other entrances and exits on Fairview Drive, including those to Doane Hall, Ott Hall and the gym are still open and functional. “We do not have any plans to close anything else on Fairview Drive,” said Sheehan.

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