This year’s Assassin game gets dirty

The weather is getting warm and love is in the air. Wait, retract that statement, it’s more along the lines of war that has now fallen upon Eastern University’s campus. It’s called Assassin.

At five o’clock p.m. Monday, April 3, over thirty e-mails went out, each with a designated target’s name to Assassin participants.

According to co-organizers Eric Walter and Ellen Hivner, both sophomores, the object of the game is to shoot (with a water gun) your target before you get shot.

If you succeed, you pick up your opponent’s target until finally only one person is still “alive.” Now it’s time to stalk!

“Assassin is like walking through a crowd of kids on a corner in Philly, invigorating as long as you don’t get shot,” sophomore Shane Konowal said.

Is there any place to hide? Here’s your answer: “NOWHERE!” sophomore Andrew Selg said. Every place you go, on and off Eastern’s campus, is a battle field. Your general’s rules? Search, hide and squirt.

For example, a participant of this year’s game (who wishes to remain anonymous) shot a fellow player, his second target, at 1:30 a.m. April 4 in the male bathroom of Minella’s Diner.

There’s safety in large numbers. Why stay in groups other than the fact that you are being stalked? If a person other than you and your target sees you shooting and hitting your target, then the hit is invalid. So watch your back.

Information is the key to success.

“It’s amazing how much information you can find out about people,” first-year Mary Fishel said.

Fishel scanned the web, checking and for information on her target.

However, students go to great lengths to ensure the protection of their identity. “The changing of all profile pictures, modifying my personal policies on, and lying about my residence is all a part of the game,” Selg said.

You want to be the best, especially for the $60 reward money for the person with the most kills. So get out there, be sneaky, take out your target, and grab their paper. You want to be the one left standing.

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