The Waltonian Guide to… Being a zombie

Sneaking through the dark. Lurking among shrubs. Attacking the unsuspecting. These are all vital characteristics of a zombie.

But how does one become a zombie? And what is the best occupation of said creatures?

First, an active imagination is required. Unfortunately, one cannot actually be a real zombie. It is important to create the situations and characteristics within one’s mind. Groaning and screaming are proper forms of acting out one’s role as the living dead.

Second, perseverance is key. The role of a zombie is to eliminate all humans and therefore restricting them from completing their mission. This role, at times, can be long and laborious. Zombies must persist in order to succeed.

Third, a masterful mind is highly recommended.
A zombie will never find success if they attack from the obvious places. Some of the best zombies have been known to hide amongst trees, in the depths of ponds, and in shadows beneath a bridge. Creativity is important in order to eliminate as many humans as possible.

Lastly, to symbolize one’s role as a zombie, a bandanna must be worn on the living dead’s head. This will alert other possible zombies and the humans of the status of one’s loyalties. A zombie either starts off as such, or becomes one later on after being attacked by another zombie. In most circumstances, becoming a zombie is undesirable. However for some, it’s an honor.

What if one wishes to remain human? Well, there are similar tips with different outcomes for those individuals.

Imagination, perseverance, and a masterful mind are still major factors. A human’s goal is to survive; this will require a strategy, and most importantly, a Nerf gun (as well as a bandanna worn on the arm). Beyond surviving, humans also have the responsibility of a mission to complete. They must work hard to avoid and escape the zombies, using their Nerf guns as their only form of self-defense. If they fail to dodge the zombies, they become one themselves.

If you possess these qualities, regardless of your preferences to a particular side, you will find yourself at home among Eastern’s Human versus Zombies club. First brought to the University by Jason Hadely and Justin Holdefer, this club, full of adrenaline junkies and expert Nerf-gunsmen, is open to all who have interest. They strive to bring all kinds of people together through this unique and exciting game. Games take place on most weekends throughout the year and in any weather. To add to the frenzy of the game, the missions and number of original zombies are constantly changing due to different game-makers creating the guidelines each weekend.

What’s required is a Nerf gun and a bandanna, although dark clothing is highly recommended for battles taking place at night. Be on the alert for fliers and people talking about the next event. And be ready to fight for survival.

The first weekend game will be played on the last weekend in September. Keep your eyes

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