The Paoli Diner: a comfortable affair

Located in Paoli off Lancaster Avenue, where the old Pizzeria Uno once reigned, lies the Paoli Diner, a friendly and unique dining experience just waiting to be noticed.

This establishment offers more than just the usual diner menu at a different location. Although the food ranges from breakfast to dinner, seafood to steak and Italian to Greek, the Paoli Diner’s true appeal comes more from its atmosphere than from the actual food.

Upon entering the diner, the first thing I noticed was the amount of space available for seating. A theme of burgundy and beige engulfs you as you take your seat, immediately bringing with it a sense of comfort and hominess.

The window-filled outer walls of the redbrick building allow sunlight to pour into the diner, adding to its relaxing and cozy feel.

The numerous stained-glass lampshades that hang over tables in the center seating area are perhaps the most attractive aspect of the diner. Each glass lampshade is special in its own unique way, differing in shapes, colors and designs.

On days when the sunlight pierces through the windows onto the lampshades, its effect as it passes through the stained glass is both eye-catching and awe-inspiring.

The diner offers seating for both small and large groups, with booths small enough for one to two people to a booth that could hold ten or more.

The Paoli Diner’s menu is similar to that of the beloved Minella’s Diner, and the food is similarly priced.

Breakfasts range from two eggs and toast for $3.45 to french toast and bacon for $6.65. Regular burgers are under $5.00, and chicken fingers are $7.25.

A decent meal is typically under $15.00, depending on the type of food you order.

For those watching their figures, the Paoli Diner also provides a list of weight-conscious options on the menu ranging from $6.15 to $7.95.

The Paoli Diner has it all: comfortable booths, a cozy environment, a friendly staff and an excellent location.

However, unlike Minella’s, it is not open 24/7, making it less of a hotspot for late-night groups in search of food.

Although small, inexpensive and traditional diners are hard to come by, the Paoli Diner breathes new life into the Main Line, serving comfort food in a more comfortable atmosphere.

1676 East Lancaster Ave

Paoli, PA 19301


Hours: Monday – Sunday:

6:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

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