The issue: Right To Bear Arms

In light of the recent Trayvon Martian case, it would be crazy to think that anyone would still be in favor of the “right to bear arms,” but I don’t think we can be so quick to jump to that conclusion. After all, the right to bear arms was specifically placed in our nation’s constitution. Our forefathers found it an important enough issue that they felt the need to address it in the constitution, and they supported the right to bear arms. There must have been, and still is, a reason for this.

I do not condone violence, but I do recognize that, when necessary, it can be life saving. This includes the use of weapons. The right to bear arms is important and essential for safety purposes. Unfortunately, we live in a world were people steal, harass and kill. The right to bear arms protects innocent civilians from such deranged persons. With the right to bear arms, a person is allowed to defend him or herself when put in a life-threatening situation, and that is what makes the right to bear arms so important.

The only negative thing about the right to bear arms is that it can be easily abused. If your life is not truly in danger, violence (and especially weapons) should not be used. People use the right to bear arms as an excuse to commit senseless violent acts, and that is not acceptable. Of course, if you want to see an example of this, just look at George Zimmerman who wrote the blueprint for abusing the right to bear arms. But the heinous acts of a small amount of people should not take away the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms should be heavily regulated, but not revoked. Revoking the right to bear arms would just tell criminals that their victims are defenseless.

If guns were pointless, they would not have been invented. I know a lot of people are against guns, but the truth is that in certain situations, possession of a gun could save someone’s life. As stated before, it is unfortunate that we live in a world where people would need guns just to feel safe, but we must adapt and be open to the right to bear arms for safety reasons. I would love nothing more than that the right to bear arms be removed, but the chances that the world could rid itself of crime to the point where that could be done are little to none.

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