The issue: Online Education

How can anyone be against online classes? There are just too many benefits to them for anyone to have a serious problem. Taking classes online has become an essential part of higher education, in some cases making a college education possible.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there are some disadvantages to this nontraditional way of taking classes. For example, it lacks the direct impact of the teacher in front of you to help with any concerns or questions you may have.

But that should not take anything away from all of the redeeming qualities about receiving an online education.

There are attributes to online classes that are probably more appealing to some people than taking a class on campus in an actual classroom. Here, for instance, are three main reasons why online classes are way too important to eliminate.

The first is that online classes are cheaper than on-campus classes. Depending on the school, a person can take a full semester of online classes for under $4000. That amount would barely cover room and board here at Eastern.

Not everyone has the financial means to go to a traditional four- or two-year college. Online classes give anyone in that position the opportunity to work toward receiving a college degree—a dream that many people share. Eliminating online classes erases that dream.

Second, online classes allow people with busy, hectic schedules the opportunity to get an education. Not everyone has the time to take a class in a formal setting.

With today’s economy, people are spending more and more time at work trying to make money to support their everyday needs. Having the opportunity to take classes online makes it easier to complete everything required of them throughout the day and still receive a higher education.

The final reason is that online classes allow anyone to take any class. Are you looking to graduate on time but need three more credits to do so? What about someone who is already immersed in the labor pool but wants to continue his or her education?

Online classes allow all of these people (and then some!) the chance to achieve their goals. Unlike traditional colleges, you don’t have to be accepted to take online classes based on previous performance. Anyone can receive an education.

People have different reasons why they look for higher education and online classes make it easier for individuals to receive the education they are looking for.

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