The EU Limited now shuttling off-campus

On Nov. 1, Eastern implemented a new shuttle service offering safe rides from the St. Davids campus to nearby locations. Students can call Security for a ride to and from the Valley Forge Military Academy parking lot, the R100 trolley in Radnor and the SEPTA R5 in St. Davids between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and midnight, seven days a week.

The possibility of a shuttle service has been talked about for a good length of time. The new shuttle service, given the name “The EU Limited,” is a temporary solution aimed at addressing security concerns for students.

“There’s been a lot of concern expressed by students and parents, probably fueled by all the publicity of incidents of violent nature that have happened [across the country],” said Director of Campus Security Jack Sheehan.

One instance that raised concerns involved three girls who were walking to the VFMA parking lot and were yelled at by a car of young men passing by. After going out to dinner and returning to the parking lot, the girls called Eastern Security fearing the incident would happen again. Because security is not obligated to shuttle students back and forth to the VFMA parking lot, they took no action.

Although the VFMA parking lot has never posed a problem for Eastern, security concerns were still raised and needed to be addressed.

Since this is a temporary solution, security vans and officers will take on the new responsibilities of the program.

“This is not going to be super convenient,” said Bettie Ann Brigham, vice president of student development. “Security will have to finish what they’re doing first.”

Cabrini College currently runs a shuttle service that takes students to locations all around the area, including the King of Prussia Mall. Sheehan pointed out that Eastern’s shuttle service will be for security purposes only, not for convenience.

Brigham indicated that they are working towards a plan that would not cost students anything extra. She noted that a shuttle service similar to Cabrini’s would almost certainly raise tuition for students.

Both Brigham and Sheehan agreed that the program will put a strain on the security department by making them work overtime, but it is only for the time being. According to Brigham, the plan is for a new system to be in place by the spring semester.

Students in need of a ride from Security are asked to call 610-637-0034 when ready to be picked up. They are required to give their name, student ID number and location.

Poll conducted by Alex Long, Katherine Leber and Kate Savo. Graphs created by Alex Long and Katherine Leber.

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