The Call in Camden

With the campus deep into finals mode, many students find themselves looking for things to do or to get off campus for a few hours, anything that will allow them to be away from Eastern, and exams, for just a little bit.

Well, there’s good news: if you aren’t studying tonight, go check out “The Call: A Christian Hip-Hop Experience” at Rutgers University in Camden.
“The Call” is exactly what it sounds like. On April 28 from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. six different hip-hop artists and bands will take the stage at Gordon Theater. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., admission and parking is free and there will even be free giveaways.

Beginning with local artists Pointmen and Fresh Fire Productions, “The Call” features a hefty amount of hip-hop in quick succession. The three main artists – Trip Lee, Everyday Process and Sho Baraka – along with DJ Official all have similar musical tastes with a borderline rap/hip-hop style that sounds like a mixture between Kayne West and Lil’ Wayne.
Trip Lee is described on his MySpace page as having a sound like “God glorifying hip-hop with a southern flavor.” It is no surprise that he is qualified as such since he was born in Dallas, Texas. However, Lee now lives in Philadelphia and has produced two solo albums, “If They Only Knew” and “20/20.” He is currently working on his third album, “Between Two Worlds” with Reach Records.

Another artist for Reach Records, Sho Baraka released his sophomore album last month, entitled “Lions and Liars.” Born in Canada but raised in California, Baraka has worked closely with Lee and the other two artists of Reach Records, Tedashii and Lecrae, on several compilation CDs.

One of those compilation CDs is “EnterMission,” set to be released this December, and Philadelphia native DJ Official is DJ-ing for all of the songs on the CD. With twenty artists on the CD – including Lee and Baraka – DJ Official’s latest CD should prove to be a great addition to any hip-hop lover’s collection if the sample on iTunes is any indication.
Everyday Process from Cross Movement Records has one album out, “Outtadisworld,” which is a follow-up to their premiere album, “Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination.” The two- member band is from Chester, Pa., and the members have gone beyond their struggles to preach the gospel through song.

This is exactly what this concert hopes to do: preach the gospel of Christ through an avenue that many would not expect.

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