The Athlete’s Diary: Guest writer Brent Williams shares experiences on team as a first-year point guard

“What’s really good, everyone?”

I just got back from lunch after a morning basketball practice. We actually had a scrimmage last night in which we played fairly well for the most part. Hopefully this is one of many steps for us to take as a team in being successful this season in the PAC.

When I first got out here it was tough for me to adjust to the different environment. Being away from my family and friends was new as well. Once basketball started with the open gyms, everything else that went along with school, like my classes, kept me busy.

Once basketball began, on October 15, I met new people and I started to get noticed on and off the court. It took a lot of discipline for me as a player to wake up at 5 a.m. and go to practice on Monday mornings. I dreaded the early morning practices with Coach Adams a.k.a. “The General.” But the hard work was worth it. I gave him that nickname, by the way, because of his bootcamp style of coaching.

Now that the season is close to starting, practices have lightened up. I also get an occasional phone call from my mom and annoy her while we’re talking.

My future goals here at Eastern are to help the basketball team win a PAC championship and to graduate with a degree in a major that I have not yet decided on.

As far as the election goes, I’m mad that Bush won and if you listen to any Jadakiss you would know that he’s the terminator in terms of the war. It was my first time voting, but I voted by an absentee ballot and I didn’t get to experience voting at a polling area.

But speaking of Jadakiss, he is part of the best group in the world, D-Block. I have my D-Block CD in my discman right now.

In my spare time when I have nothing to do I often like to blowout any challenger in Madden 2005. The Eagles are the squad to beat in Madden and the best team in the NFL.

Eastern basketball is doing big things this season, so keep a look out.

Brent Williams, #20, is a first-year point guard for the mens’s basketball team. He is from Easton, Pennsylvania.

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