Taming the tongue is possible

My mother was here to visit me a few weeks ago, and we couldn’t help but hear the conversation that two students were having with each other as we made our way up to Walton patio.

They were talking loudly about the last Eagles game, and their exchange was full of curse words. Normally, I wouldn’t have batted an eye, but this time, I was embarrassed for my mother’s sake. She should not have had to hear this.

I would be more forgiving if this situation weren’t so common. Unfortunately, though, I am no longer surprised to hear a group of students huddled around using certain choice words to describe someone else or hearing someone yelling profanity into a cell phone on her way to class. Why is everyone cussing so much?

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not the actual words that offend me. I went to a large public high school and was told to f— off more than once, and I had no problem with it. My problem comes from the people who are using those words.

The majority of students at Eastern are Christian. We are called to be set apart, but even the Christians who seem most genuine about outreach struggle with this problem.

Why is our language no different than anyone else’s? Language is one of the easiest ways to judge a person, and that being so, Christians should be careful not to let their words- especially unnecessary ones like profanity-be the thing that non-Christians hear.

It seems as if the main reason that Christians cuss is to fit into mainstream culture or to shock their friends. The danger is that oftentimes what starts out as cussing for shock value turns into a habit.

I’ll agree that in some situations, a curse word seems to be the most appropriate choice. Sometimes I wish I did cuss so that I could have an easy way to get my point across. But those situations are few and far between, and can usually be avoided.

It is possible to get through everyday life without using profanity, and though non Christians may not notice it if you don’t cuss, they will notice it if you do.

Realize that your choice of words has more of an impact than you might originally assume. Think about where you are, who could be listening to you and who you are supposed to represent before you launch into a cursing frenzy.

Before you call me uptight and old fashioned, consider what James 3:10 says: “Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.”

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