Students share their gifts at Eastern’s talent show

On Friday April 8, Eastern’s main gym was alive with the sound of music. More specifically, it was the sound of rapping, bagpipes, acoustic guitars, laughter and whatever sound juggling makes. This cacophony was not the result of some strange circus, but of Eastern’s Talent Show.

Students shared their passions and skills with the audience of about 70 people, starting off with a cover of KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse & the Cherry Tree” by senior Victoria Watts (vocals and guitar) that was every bit as good as the original, but with a flavor all its own.

Sophomore Allison Anghel’s rendition of the Jennifer Holiday classic “And I’m Telling You” highlighted Anghel’s powerful singing abilities.

First-year Chloe Gamedze also contributed to the competition, playing the piano and singing Adele’s “Hometown Glory.”

Throughout the night, coordinator and host of the talent show junior Danielle Craig reminded participants and audience members exactly what participants were competing for: a Visa Cash Card worth $150. Few college students can remember the last time they had $150, adding to the incentive for each performer to compete fiercely, putting all they had into what they did.

A few Eastern students performed original songs, including junior Rose Arcaini and sophomore Dave Speak, both playing guitar and singing worship songs that they had written.

Also performing original music was first-year Michael Rosario who, after some technical difficulties and a plug for his recently-released online album, delivered two flawless rap songs that he had written. The performance had most audience members dancing by the time he had finished. 

The talents on show were not limited to vocal performance. Sophomore Becca Skrocki’s talent was baton-twirling, and senior Jon Hodge performed original jokes in his stand up comedy act.

An obvious crowd favorite was first-year Lucas Mitsch, who played the bagpipes with breathtaking finesse. Mitsch entertained the audience, which could not resist clapping along, with traditional bagpipe tunes as well as Celtic-sounding versions of the Mexican Hat Dance and “You Are My Sunshine.”

Another crowd pleaser was junior Josh Horton, Eastern’s very own world-renowned juggler. The wildly entertaining and moderately terrifying finale of his act involved several sharp objects, a bowling ball and a blindfolded volunteer from the audience, first year Justin Frye. If you are kicking yourself for missing Horton’s performance, fear not, for he will be giving a full performance during Dia Del Este.

After some final deliberation from the judges, Mitsch was declared as the winner of both $150 and the fame and glory that come with being one of Eastern’s most talented students. 

The announcement of Mitsch’s victory was met with uproarious applause, cheers and chants demanding “one more song.” The hearts of the students in attendance swelled with pride, pleased to be among the ranks of such talented vocalists, song writers and performers who make up Eastern’s student body.

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