Students prepare to “walk where Jesus walked”

 Dr. Kenneth Maahs, a Biblical studies professor, is taking his almost-annual trip to Israel with interested students from May 23 to June 8.

According to Maahs, during the 17-day pilgrimage the students will walk where Jesus walked and see almost what Jesus saw. 


“I am hoping that, through this trip, I will be able to see and experience the same land my Lord saw and experienced when he walked the earth,” sophomore Brandon Munson said. “I am hoping that after the trip is over I can read my Bible and understand it in a new way.” 


Maahs explained that there are three special highlights to the trip:


The Israel Museum, featured on day four of the trip, contains artifacts from all over Israel. 


Masada, the place where the first war of Israel occurred against the Roman Empire, is featured on day fourteen of the trip.   


The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, perhaps the most important destination of the entire trip, is featured on day sixteen. This is the place where the cross of Jesus stood.  According to Maahs, students will have the opportunity to “touch the bench where (Jesus’) body was laid.”


First year Sara Barnhurst, who is going on the trip,  said that the place she is most excited about visiting is Dolorosa because she sang about it in a choir song. 


The trip costs $3800, which includes all traveling expenses and comfortable accommodations. The final payment is due by Feb. 7, “but it’s likely you can still get in after that date,” Maahs said. 


Maahs first began leading the trip at Eastern in 1990 and has gone almost every year since then. 


The group has toured areas including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Mount Carmel, Capernaum, and the Jordan River. 

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