Students learn to manage classes and real work, too

Time management is a term that frightens all college students as much as final exams. With the large amount of schoolwork that college professors assign, students who have jobs must adhere to the time management phrase with even more attention.

For the students at Eastern, employment can be divided into two categories. First, those who have federal work study and are employed on campus. Second, students without this work study who must find jobs off campus.

Students who have federal work study have the opportunity to be employed in a plethora of campus jobs: the athletic department, the computer repair department, conferences, Sodexho food services, and many more.

One of the most popular employment openings outside of campus is babysitting.

With the King of Prussia Mall within ten minutes of the campus, employment opportunities are very fruitful in a variety of stores as well.

On campus, students are offered very flexible work schedules, regardless of the job they have. Raine Sanders, a first-year student, has spent the first several weeks of her time at Eastern working for Sodexho.

“Sodexho lets me set my own work times with the hours that I want and I also choose how many hours I want during the week. For the entire semester, my schedule stays the same, so I am able to plan ahead for my school work,” Sanders said.

Another job located on campus is working at the library. According to sophomore Lauren Miller, an education major, the palace of books is a very advantageous work environment, which allows her to accomplish both school work and make money.

“It is such a beauty to work at the library,” Miller said. “Our boss usually posts working times, and we can sign up to which ever ones fit our needs. This job actually helps me academically, as I am able to concentrate on school work in the quiet environment while I am working at the same time.”

Students who are employed on campus also have the opportunity to work for the faculty of the university. Sophomore Kara Loomis works for the provost’s office, and this enables her to spend time one on one with faculty members, as well as helping with the preparation of Windows on the World.

One of the best features of working on campus is the leniency that each job offers.

“Whenever I have a test, or need to complete a project, I can work with my schedule to fit it around our academic needs,” said sophomore Dani Mione, a youth ministry major, who works in the conferences office.

Loomis concurred with Mione, saying “if you need to have your schedule changed, it can be changed.”

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