Student Spotlight

Name: Matt Lorthioir

Year: Junior

Major: Music education “I love kids, I love music, and I want to teach.”

Hometown:West Hempstead, NY

Favorite Color: Blue

Future plans:”First things first: leave home and get a job,” he said. After that, he says he plans to get his master’s degree. He hopes to start teaching in the elementary school grades and eventually work his way up to teaching music in high school.

Why he chose Eastern:”I thought they [music professors Dr. Matthews and Dr. Edgett] were so confident in their skills, and I was so impressed by the competence of the music department.”

Best part about Eastern:”The fact that there aren’t pressures on you to go to wild parties. It’s more of a learning environment and it’s easier to study.”

Most memorable job:Playing in a band during the summers with his best friends from high school. He says they play a variety of music for restaurants and open-air events.

Random Hobby:He owns 16 Hess toy trucks from gas stations. He buys a new one every year at Christmas.”I think they’re funny.”

Matt loves to travel; he has been to all but three of the continental United States and has also been to Canada and Mexico.”I love seeing new places and exploring new things,” he said. “It’s an awesome experience.”If Matt had to choose a favorite state, it would be California because of its geographical diversity.”You have deserts, mountains, beaches, everything in one place.”

Student Spotlight is designed to better acquaint the Eastern community with itself. Profiled students are selected at random.

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