St. Davids campus finalizes decision to switch to total wind energy

It’s official.

Eastern University has decided to become a campus dependent solely on wind energy.

Eastern is not the first school to make the switch, but Community Energy, Inc., who will provide the energy, believes it is the first Christian school to use wind as its sole energy source.

With recommendations from SGA, SPEAK and Vice President of Student Development Bettie Anne Brigham, Wes Bryan, vice president of finance and operations recently signed the contract to bring the campus to one hundred percent wind energy.

The decision was supported by SGA.

By backing the renewable electricity source, Eastern is supporting the development of wind farms, which create jobs and revenue.

Wind energy is an endless resource that is pure, so its use makes a difference in the environment.

Looking into the future, campus leadership desires to bring Eastern’s other campuses to wind energy as well.

According to Brigham, “[Campus leadership] is looking into it as a possibility.”

Celebrate the Wind EventDec. 11, 20063:00 p.m.Baird LibraryReception immediately following.

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