Softball Player Profile: Karen Hertzog

If you know anything about the softball team at Eastern, you are sure to have heard about senior Karen Hertzog’s skills for the game and her upbeat nature on the team. She plays center field and has been the co-captain of the team for two years.

Last year, Hertzog earned an Honorable Mention award from the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference.

Hertzog has also been a part of a Travel Team tournament.

“In the summer, we would form a local group and go around competing with other groups in the area,” she said.

Hertzog said her experience this year with the team has been a very energetic one.

“This year, since we have a young team with only three upperclass girls, I see a lot of potential in the group,” she said.

However, she admits that there were moments she did not look forward to as well.

“This year has been a roller coaster of emotions,” Hertzog said. “We definitely miss our late coach, but our present head coach, Colleen Stuppy, was able to step in when needed. She helped us focus on the game.”

Along with softball, Hertzog also played basketball in junior high school, but chose to focus on softball in high school.

“I wanted to pick a sport so that I could focus all my energy and attention to that particular game and that is why I picked softball,” she said.

Apart from her classes and softball routines, Hertzog also works off campus for a dermatologist at Riddle Memorial Hospital in Media, Pa.

Hertzog also babysits for a family in Berwyn, and, on Sunday mornings works with disabled students at her church.

When she is not working, Hertzog has several hobbies that keep her busy.

“I love listening to country music, baking, line dancing and just being outside and enjoying life,” Hertzog said.

Hertzog is majoring in elementary and special education and is planning to teach either in North Carolina or around Eastern.

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