Silence promotes violence, strutting for the voice

Take a good look through your closet. Get rid of the old and make room for the new: the new clothing designed by the very talented, up and coming designers that were featured in the Eastern’s Annual Fashion Show.

This sold-out event offered a wide range of clothing from formal wear to outfits that were fitting for all occasions. “Since it was a charity event, each designer chose which pieces they wished to showcase and offered to let the models exhibit them,” said senior India Azzinaro, head of the event. Not only did the models walk the runway showing off the designers’ pieces, but they also had the audience laughing at their skits in the couple’s scene and added attitude throughout the show.

“It all started when my friends and I were sitting around completely bored,” Azzinaro said. “We tried to think of the things Eastern didn’t have; then it hit me. A Fashion Show! Everyone loves clothes, good music, good company and showing what you got on the runway. I went to Mrs. Jackie Irving with the idea, and she thought it was great.”

Before she knew it, Azzinaro had developed a team that she found was with her through thick and thin. Practices took place twice a week in the evenings after a long day of classes.  A lot of hard work had to be done by the designers in order to have their pieces displayed by the models.

The clothing lines for the show were drawn up, sown, glued, hemmed, etc. by each designer. The designers were sophomore Evelia Hunter, the only designer who is a current student (Pretty in Paradise), ‘09 alum Jonathan Edwards (F.R.E.S.H), Lawrence Lockett (King HIM), Kyra Stevenson (Flyy Eye Wear), Jake Williams (In2Mind) and Juelz (Pretty Boy Swag).

In total, $1,600 was raised for the Lutheran Settlement House Bilingual Domestic Violence Project. The Lutheran Settlement House is a non-profit, community based social service organization that serves over 14,000 women, men and children each year through four program areas: Adult Education and Employment, Domestic Violence, Senior Services and Homeless Services.

Junior Amadly Cruz, an audience member at the event, was glad to hear that the show was sold out. She had been in the 2010 fashion show and expected this year to be similar and to see familiar faces on the runway. Much to her surprise, the event was quite different. She said that there were more scenes, more designers, and she especially enjoyed hearing from the women from the shelter discussing their services.

“This show was a big help. Who would have thought that something so small could raise so much money to help a good cause and raise awareness at the same time,” said sophomore Edgardo Rodriguez, a model at the event.

There were also parents involved. Churches, family and friends all pitched in. Their hard work had paid off and the performance was proof. “To talk about all the work put into the show would take a life time. If I could give it to you in one word I would have to say, blessed!” Azzinaro said.

“I never considered this a one person effort, I value each and every person who put their time, energy and dedication in to again make Eastern’s Annual Fashion Show a success,” Azzinaro said. “Still to this day, I cannot believe the success and energy that generated from my little idea. Either way I am proud and ecstatic to see how it will flourish in the years to come.”


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