It’s a Wednesday night, and you’re tired of doing homework. You’re in desperate need of a quick study break. Your friends suggest a quick trip to Wawa, but you aren’t really in the mood to go there again, so you’re stuck. What else does Wayne have to offer for a college student on a tight budget?

Red Mango opened this summer in the heart of Wayne, PA. It is located next to the Gap, which is only a five minute drive from Eastern University’s campus. It is open at the easily accessible hours of 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. most days. This is perfect for a quick study break, or a nice reward after a jog through Wayne.

Inside Wayne’s Red Mango location is a variety of self-serve frozen yogurt machines, which allow you to freely mix and match flavors and toppings. Red Mango’s sign proudly claims that they are much healthier than their competitors, serving only the freshest fruit and toppings around.

In addition to frozen yogurt, there is a large selection of fruit smoothies, lemonade chillers and parfaits, for those in the mood for something different. These are also made with fresh fruits, adding more nutrients than fruit and flavor substitutes would.

Prices vary from $3 to $8 for frozen yogurt and smoothies, depending on how much you’d like, making it easy for those on a tight budget! The atmosphere of Red Mango is as refreshing and fun as their delicious drinks. The bright lighting and seating both indoors and outside allows for a great getaway for you and your friends any day of the week. Next time you’re looking for someplace to relax, stop by Red Mango and see for yourself.

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