Residence halls show skill, creativity in hall productions

Those who attended the Doane talent show saw skits, heard musical pieces, tasted cookies, crackers, chips, and soda, felt the cool evening air and smelled the stench of the pond.

The Doane talent show, which took place outside of Doane Hall on a lighted, makeshift stage at 8 p.m. on April 13, gave Doane residents an opportunity to demonstrate their various skills, make each other laugh and just have a good time.

“Doane’s got it all: creativity, community and talent,” said sophomore Jared Bass, a Doane RA and the one who originally came up with the idea of a Doane talent show.

Junior John Chaffee emceed the event and resident director Jessica Sullivan acted as the judge for the hall skits. The audience gathered on Doane hill in front of the stage, on blankets or on the bare ground.

Serious musical numbers were interspersed among comedic ones, skits and advertisements for “I Love Doane” apparel ($8 for t-shirts and $20 for sweatshirts).

Every hall in Doane save one participated in the sketch competition. Two weeks before the show, each hall was given two random objects, and the the halls had to somehow design a skit around the objects.

Some of the items the halls were given included Windex, a razor-scooter, a bathroom scale, Valentine’s Day balloons and bathroom cleaner.

For their skit, the ladies of Doane A-2, dressed very much like Britney Spears, reworded Spears’ Drive Me Crazy to make it an advertisement for their object, Spray ‘n’ Wash.

Another hall, Doane D-1, used their seatbelt to illustrate that, to get an Eastern guy, a girl has to “strap him in and lock him up so he can’t get away.”

“They put more thought and creativity into it than I expected,” Sullivan said.

The musical performances included a flute piece by senior Dawn Becker and individual guitar and vocal sets by sophomores Pat Gann, Tim Nye and Brandon Hayes.

Sophomore Brandon Robinson treated the crowd to some beat-boxing, and first-year Joe Brennan, complete with a long, shiny green wig, gave an energetic rendition of I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness.

Once the talent show proper was wrapped up, the night ended with worship led by Nye.

It is probably safe to say that, at the end of the night, those in attendance, whether Doane residents or not, left with noses running, butts aching and faces smiling.

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