Readers respond to Refuge and SAB


Dear Editor,

As an alumnus, I came to Eastern University welcoming the opportunity to experience the diverse culture. Retrospectively, these experiences were invaluable, as they changed my worldview dramatically.

It is apparent from reading Mr. Slaght’s op-ed that he spent very little time researching the university he chose to attend. Eastern is by no means a place where “most people have the same, or at least very similar views” on most issues.

I believe, however, that Mr. Slaght would be better suited to finish his time at Eastern so that he can have his perspective challenged, or perhaps reaffirmed.

Mr. Slaght walks off the slippery slope by using the argument that Refuge does not belong at Eastern because it promotes sinful behavior. First, I would argue that this statement alone demonstrates the utility of groups like Refuge at Eastern. Second, where does Mr. Slaght draw the line? Should we ban groups like the Swing Club and SAB that promote physical contact between men and women? I am not comfortable with Mr. Slaght’s method of the five minute Bible survey as judge and jury.

I am disappointed in the Waltonian for even publishing Mr. Slaght’s piece. I agree with the concept of representing an alternative view to their welcoming diversity center spread, but with all of the brilliant minds at Eastern, I cannot accept that Mr. Slaght’s essay fairly represents a segment of the population that believes Refuge does not belong here. By running this essay, the Waltonian has done a disservice to both sides of the argument.


James Mulhearn, 2003 alumnus

Editor’s note:

David Slaght’s piece was not related to the centerspread but was meant to represent one side of a dialogue. The other side is presented here by Ashleigh McClenthen. As usual, the Waltonian welcomes responses to the articles it prints.


Dear Editor,

Let me begin by saying thank you to the many students who have been expressing their appreciation of all the great events we have on campus and the hard work your 13 Student Activities Board members do to make those great events happen every weekend.

The opinion piece on Student Activities featured in the Feb. 7 issue of the Waltonian was very interesting to me. You see, the reality of EU’s activities is that there is something happening every Friday and Saturday night and many weeknights.

It is true that we do not have large-scale concerts all the time or movies every weekend, but we also do not charge a $200+ student activity fee (with admission charges on top of that).

The SAB at Eastern strives to bring a diverse range of events to the campus because Eastern strives to be a diverse body of students. The SAB did bring in Philadelphia Magazine’s #1 rated comedy improv group, a completely free event full of inflatables and a picture booth, rented out Devon Lanes and brought in bands that are “lesser-known but on the rise,” all at no admission charge to the students.

We do not do that every week because not everyone has those interests. Instead, we have a variety of dances, movies, coffeehouses and events surrounding free food and fun. Your SAB even provides events that challenge students to think outside their beliefs or enrich their beliefs.

Finally, we do not hold any ill feelings toward Scott for his opinion piece. Instead, we choose to see this as a new challenge to get the word out about what is happening in even more creative ways, something the SAB already strives to do, but we love a good challenge!


Shannon Hartsock

Director of Student Activities

Interested in joining a group that is creative, fun, and loves to enhance the EU community? Pick up an application for the 2007-2008 SAB from the Student Activities Office. Applications will also be available at the Spring Banquet ticket table the week of March 19. Applications due March 23.

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