Power plant explosion

CNN and other major news stations were broadcasting the name of senior Rebekah Warren’s small hometown, Middletown, Conn., following an explosion at Kleen Power Plant on Feb.7.
“The first thing I did was call my mom to see if everything was okay,” said Warren, whose home is located three miles from the power plant.

The power plant was still under construction when employees were working on a gas pipeline, which triggered the explosion. Locals described the bright, orange flames visible following the blast.

“My family was at church about 10 miles away and they felt the blast,” Warren said.
Senior Krystal Cairns, who lives in Cheshire, Conn., said, “My aunt lives in Middletown, so she felt the explosion.

“It’s pretty close to where my uncle works so it was a little scary for me.”

Reportedly, residents up to 20 miles from the power plant could hear the explosion.

No one beyond the power plant was in danger, but tragically five power plant workers were killed in the explosion, and about 12 were injured.

“It just shook everybody up,” Warren said. 

Source: Cnn.com

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