“Reviewed” Podcast: A student shares a recommendation for a KCRW podcast.

If you’re looking for a podcast that keeps you up to date with the latest news and offers multiple views on any given topic, then KCRW’s “Left, Right and Center” podcast may be right for you. This show, released every week on Friday afternoons, focuses on news and events from the previous week. The show’s format includes one host that holds down the center position on the political spectrum. Long time host Josh Barro recently left the show at the beginning of 2022 and the position for host is currently being filled by Kimberly Atikins Stohr. Each week, the show invites two guests, often from other news sources, that represent the conservative and liberal perspectives. 

The hour-long show covers multiple topics and provides opportunities for all sides to discuss current events and theorize about possible solutions to modern issues. In addition to the panel, the show also features a guest expert that is brought in to discuss the main issue in that week’s podcast. The show culminates with the weekly rant. This time is allocated for each member of that week’s panel to raise awareness about a topic they are passionate about. The topics range from light and funny, like the daylight savings bill, to more serious issues such as humanitarian aid in Ukraine. 

This podcast is a great way to get an overview of what is happening in the world. The show not only covers national topics of interest, but also is deliberate in discussing the issues within other nations. As the show is only an hour long once a week, it is very easy to make listening to this podcast part of your weekly habit. I highly recommend this podcast as it challenges commonly held political opinions and encourages dialogue between both sides of the aisle. 

If you find this podcast interesting, I also would recommend KCRW’s other podcasts such as “All the President’s Lawyers.” Previous host of the show, Josh Barro, has now created his own show “Very Serious.” This podcast takes the serious topics that are discussed on “Left, Right and Center” and makes an entire episode focusing on a singular topic rather than the weekly happenings. This podcast is a great option if there are specific social justice issues which you would like to be more thoroughly explored and examined. All of the above-mentioned podcasts are available for streaming on Spotify or on the KCRW website.

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