The DC Comics Comeback?: A look at the most recent and upcoming DC Comics projects.

As of now, Marvel (MCU) has been dominating the superhero movie and TV genre as they continue to release movies and TV shows every few months. On the other hand, DC comic films (DCEU) have been struggling for a while. Some of their films have been mediocre like “Batman vs Superman” and “Suicide Squad;” while others have been successful like “Wonder Woman” and “The Suicide Squad.” It seems that the future of the DCEU could be bright. 

As of now, DC just released “The Batman,” which has seen tremendous success. With the ending of “The Batman,” it seems there is a high chance a sequel will be made. It was considered a different take on Batman and showed Batman and Bruce Wayne in his younger years. It is different and darker compared to the MCU films. As of now, DC has many movies and TV shows coming out in the next couple of years including: “Black Adam,” “Aquaman 2”, and “The Flash.” These are some of the biggest films that DC are releasing and this could change their future for the better. 

“The Flash” movie could be one of their bigger films. This one is based on the Flashpoint comic books, which rebooted the DC comic books. This film seems to be doing something similar to the comic books in that they want to reboot the DCEU and start something new and fresh to compete against Marvel. This movie will have Ezra Miller return as The Flash and will also include two previous Batman’s: Michael Keaton’s Batman from the 1989 film series and Ben Affleck’s Batman from “Batman vs Superman”. 

This means that they are starting their own multiverse like Marvel has been teasing/showing since Loki. They are focusing on their TV shows on HBO Max. They have released “Peacemaker,” which is the first DCEU show on HBO Max. Other HBO Max shows in the works include: “Justice League Dark,” a “Suicide Squad” spinoff and a “John Constantine” show. 

While I do love the MCU films and TV shows, I do feel that the quality has gotten worse in the past year or two. I find the TV shows to be a lot better than more recent films, minus “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Black Widow.” The issue for me with the films is that they try to put as much as they can within a two hour film and are unable to show the full story. I also find that the films tend to have massive CGI fests in the third act and this kind of ruins it. I think the TV shows have been better recently, my favorite being Hawkeye so far. The TV shows have given certain characters some much needed character development like Hawkeye, Falcon and Winter Soldier. 

After “The Batman” was released, director Matt Reeves announced that they were planning for a Penguin spinoff show on HBO Max and potentially an Arkham Asylum show as well. I am interested to see where the DC films will be in a couple years from now. Will DC surpass Marvel in quality, or will Marvel still be considered the best superhero films by many? 

Overall, I am very excited to see what the future of the DCEU holds and it will be interesting to see if DC can surpass Marvel in quality. I still like both Marvel and DC, but it seems DC will actually have a chance to compete against Marvel. This could create a friendly competition between the two companies and help both make quality superhero films and TV shows for everyone to see.

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