Player Profile: Dave Volpe

Dave Volpe, a junior point guard hailing from Harleysville, Pennsylvania, has been a vital link to Eastern’s basketball success.

“This season has been my best so far at Eastern, not only because the team’s success on the court has surpassed what we have done in the past few years, but also because of the relations between teammates,” he said.

When asked why he picked up a basketball in the first place, Volpe replied, “My older brother joined a community basketball team, and since I looked up to him, I wanted to play too. So, my parents signed me up for a community team that fit my age group.”

Having played since the fifth grade, Volpe received numerous basketball honors at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School such as MVP 2004 and Playmaker 2003.

Having experienced a successful high school basketball career, Volpe recounts what led him to Eastern’s campus. “The atmosphere of the campus just being open and also it not being too far from home were two major contributors to why I chose Eastern. Another reason was the reputation of the business department at Eastern being one that would help provide me with a career after basketball.”

With the basketball team’s 2006-2007 record standing at 15-9, Volpe’s personal stats come in at 11.9 ppg and 2.4 rpg. However, that is not the only type of success that Volpe is concerned with.

“It’s nice to finally play with a group of guys where we don’t have inter-squad ‘fights’ because everyone knows their role on the team and respects each other,” he said.

Perhaps the cause of the basketball team’s success this season can best be described in Volpe’s own words: “We have realized we are all in this together.”

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