Outdoor ice skating at the River Rink

It is the week after Valentine’s Day and you just blew your wad on the biggest box of chocolate known to man. How do you keep the love rolling after V-Day?

Perhaps an ice skate around the Blue Cross River Rink at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia will do.

For the fourteenth year, visitors can enjoy the scenery of the Ben Franklin Bridge as well as the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, N.J. as they glide along an ice skating rink on the waterfront. The view of the lighted bridge is particularly glorious in the evening. The colder temperatures after sundown encourage a nice cuddle on benches just off of the ice.

This recreational activity appeals to all ages, from the little tikes with helmets, knee and elbow pads to the experts in the art of skating backwards. Even adult men cling to the walls of the rink for dear life.

For serious skaters, bring those skates from home. For others, rental skates are available for $3. Most of the rental skates are hockey skates but the blades are less than sharp. This may or may not be an issue depending on level of expertise.

Refreshments and snacks are also available. From the $2 hot dog to the $5 chicken tenders with fries, the concession stand offers a variety of choices.

Don’t forget to bundle up. Even if the temperature is warm, it may still be chilly on the ice.

Overall, the experience provides good exercise and a fun adventure about 20 miles down Interstate 76. The long trip away from campus offers a nice bonding opportunity for a special someone.

The rink will be open this season until March 2. Approximate cost for a party of two is a little over $20, with an admission cost of $6 per person and a parking fee of $8. For more information such as hours, directions and to download a free coupon, go to www.riverrink.com.

What’s better? Student Development is planning a trip to the River Rink on Feb. 16. Keep your eyes open for more information.

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