Our talented faculty put on a show

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Johnny Cash.”

Dr. Chris Hall, provost and theology professor, appeared to have an identity crisis as he pranced around in black and drawled the lyrics to “Folsom Prison Blues.”

If you were not in McInnis auditorium the night of Oct. 6, you may not be aware of the full extent of the Eastern faculty’s talent.

Chaplain Joe Modica and psychology professor Landi Turner emceed the evening with a friendly presentation, no doubt inspired by the presence of their parents, along with the families of several other performers.

A donation was collected for the Simple Way, an intentional community in Philadelphia founded by Eastern alumni.

Dr. Wendy Mercier of the biology department had the audience in stitches with her stand-up routine, part of which targeted her husband.

Biology professor Maria Fichera was fabulous as a singing mad professor. Sociology professor Mike Mtika presented a Malawian lullaby and photographic proof that business professor Dr. Van Weigel once ate a rat.

Nursing professor Christina Jackson played an innocent coquette in an Eastern dating game. Dr. Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen read a Scottish ghost story in her native brogue. Music professor David Maness promised to “inject a note of levity” into the madness. He then performed an operatic version of “Old Mother Hubbard.”

This was the third annual show, so if you missed it, there will likely be another next year. However, a more immediate solution may be to simply ask for some stand-up or a little Johnny Cash before that next test….

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