Old Spice Guy to speak at Spring 2011 commencement

The senior class of 2011 will be listening to a charming guest speaker at their graduation in May.  “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” also known as Isaiah Mustafa, will be giving the inspirational speech of the year.  Mustafa will be using his charm and experience in the remarkable celebrity lifestyle to enthuse the audience about the future and being in the “real-world.”  

“Look at the school, now back at me, the school is gone, do you like flying because you’re on a plane, you’re going to California, you have a job interview, or if you’d prefer, you can stay in your parent’s basement… What do you think of my speech so far, now look back to me,” the Old Spice Guy said to this reporter in a phone interview.

“I am so excited to finally see and possibly meet the Old Spice guy!  I don’t go a day without wearing his scents,” senior Matt Erhorn said.  Erhorn has been using Old Spice products for years before the first commercial with Mustafa aired in 2010.

It is not every year that the graduates are able to have a celebrity guest speaker.  Mustafa rose up through the YouTube campaign for Old Spice products to become a part of our conversations.  “I think that would be awesome that he would come speak at our graduation,” Old Spice user senior Joe Ferry said.

“Eastern is not used to having celebrities come,” said Bettie Ann Brigham, Vice President of Student Development. “Although it depends on what you call a celebrity, some would say Tony Campolo is one.”

Mustafa studied History at Arizona State University while playing on the school’s football team.  After he graduated from college, he joined the NFL before becoming the well-known actor that he is. After all, “anything is possible” if you pursue your passions with your whole heart.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2248149/bio

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