Nazis gather at Valley Forge Amphitheatre

On Saturday, visitors to Valley Forge National Historical Park were bombarded with pro and con Nazi propaganda representing one of America’s most treasured rights-freedom of speech.

Supporters and protestors gathered in this high security area to listen to or disturb the white supremists.

The National Socialist Movement, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sponsored the rally. They chose Valley Forge because they believe that George Washington and the other founding fathers shared their vision of white supremacy.

Emotions ran high on both sides as groups chanted and shouted. Many t-shirts featured phrases like, “Eracism” and “Ban Hate,” along with advertisements like “Revolt, Don’t Vote.”

The group leading chants such as “Hitler rose, Hitler fell, you scum Nazis, go to hell” and “Smash races and deportations, working people have no nations” was the Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party.

This group distributed newspapers and literature supporting an equal working class and anti-war propaganda.

A member of the Progressive Labor Party said,

“They don’t deserve free speech, so we are here to disrupt. Silence is support.”

Many onlookers became angry and complained they could not hear the speakers.

“I’m not here to support, I’m here out of curiosity. Those guys have a right to speak, and real Americans would let them speak. I have the right to listen, and real Americans would let me listen,” attendee Milton Parsons said.

Many topics were discussed by the Nazi leaders, such as race mixing, immigration and youth.

One speaker said, “…evil race mixing is the destruction and cultural genocide of our nation. It must be halted so that we can begin the second American Revolution.”

One man justified their beliefs in saying, “You can have black pride, you can have brown pride and you can have Asian pride, but as soon as someone has white pride they are racist. This is why people are afraid to place themselves above others.”

This statement seemed to spark conversation and thought. One woman looked at someone standing beside her and said, “I won’t marry anyone who isn’t American…does that make me racist?”

One rally speaker said, “We stand by ourselves. We don’t hate. We just love our own race first. After we all love only ourselves, then we’ll see about Lincoln’s plan.”

This statement was juxtaposed in the very same speech when he said;

“Hear my words! I want all Jews gone by 2005! Destruction of the Jewish race is necessary. And violence is the only solution.”

Among the crowd was, David Gibson, who had just recently been recruited by the Nazi Party.

“I’m here to keep the spirits of the party up. This rally is mainly to get King George out of office because America has been highjacked by Israel’s priorities…I had some bad experiences with other races, and this group seems to have the most militant and cohesive way of dealing with the problem,” said Gibson.

Obscene gestures and offensive remarks flew both ways. As the aggressive protesters shouted, “Death to facists, power to the workers” and “only cockroaches wear hoods,”

Toward the end a Nazi Party member spoke and said to the crowd,

“I hate what I see. White kids who think they’re black. I see it here.”

The group ended on a confident note, saying,

“One day you will all be one of us whether you like it or not. The country is falling apart and we are the solution.”

Then they all raised their arms and said, “This is the hour for white power.”

History teacher Doug Tyson was at the rally out of curiosity and wanted to see exactly what kind of free speech he teaches his students.

“I think [the Nazis] are insane. But even the insane have the right to ramble on,” said Tyson.

“I’m just curious as to why this hate hasn’t died; what is it about hate that it has survived so long?”

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