Nancy Fleischer retires; Donna Hawkins fills her position

After 10 years of dedicated service, Nancy Fleischer will be retiring. She will be replaced by Donna Hawkins, wife of dean of students, Daryl Hawkins.

Fleischer’s position, benefits coordinator and administrative assistant for human resources, entails managing the medical and dental insurance benefits for the faculty and staff.

She also deals with the hiring processes involving everyone from the president to professors.

Working with Fleischer has been a pleasant experience for Wendi Lee Foltz, director of human resources.

“Nancy has a real love for the work,” Foltz said. “She is a strong member of the office.”

Upon retiring, Fleischer intends to spend time with her five grandchildren.

“I’d like to work for the Phillies home games,” she added.

Donna will be taking over as the administrative assistant, but she will also be working on her MBA in business here at Eastern.

She was a social worker for two years and has two years of experience in marketing and advertising for a series of hospitals.

“I’ve always wanted to get involved with human resources,” Hawkins said.

“All of my experience is applicable to that area.”

“I’m happy she was offered the position,” Fleischer said, and Foltz affirmed that Hawkins will be a welcome member to the human resources team.

Hawkins comes in with the advantage of already being part of the Eastern community. She lived in NCH from September 2002 to August 2004 when her husband was resident director there.

She sees working at Eastern as a good way to incorporate her work with her beliefs.

It is a benefit “knowing you have colleagues who support the mission of the organization,” she said.

Hawkins looks forward to a possible career in mediation in the future, but while Fleischer is still here, she will train with her for this new position.

“It is an honor to be selected to do some of her duties,” Hawkins said, “I’ll be here for a while.”

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