More than Gold

On Friday, October 5th, Eastern University’s gym hosted the third stop on Britt Nicole’s “You’re Worth More Than Gold” tour. Also featuring bands Group 1 Crew and Royal Tailor, the artists rocked the house late into the night.

The concert kicked off with the music of up and coming hip-hop/R&B band, Royal Tailor. The Waltonian caught up with lead singer Tauren Wells after the concert. It was immediately obvious how goofy and infectiously happy Wells is, as he joked with other band members and tour managers. He and two of the other band members attended Indiana Bible College together and that is where they began performing together in choir and chorales. After college, they went on to continue to do music ministry together and eventually decided to become a band, adding a fourth member.

When asked about their inspiration for their music, Wells simply states, “Jesus.” He went on to elaborate on the band’s ministry. Wells has always been and continues to be heavily involved in his home church in Houston, Texas. There, he is the Creative Director, as well as a leader in the student ministry. He and the other band members were all involved at another church in student ministry when they saw a need. They witnessed so many kids who were going through a lot of rough stuff. “Our mission is to cast a vision for them,” Wells states. The band spreads a message of hope to the younger generation.

Plans for the future of these four men are “cookin’.” They plan to tour with Winter Jam this winter (where Toby Mac will be headlining). During that time, they will also be participating in the “Get Schooled” Tour, where they and several other bands travel and make stops at high schools. They are excited for these opportunities and hope to speak truth into students’ lives. Wells specifically hopes to speak to students on the faith and culture crisis, and talk to them about how students as a generation have a chance to be different and really change things for our culture in Christ’s name.

Wells is very excited with where this tour with Britt Nicole and Group 1 Crew is going. “It’s only the third night and our groups already have such a unity,” he states. He shared about the devotionals the entire tour (artists and staff) did before the concert and how the Spirit of God was felt to be truly present. “When we do our show, you can really feel how each act works through the next moment,” Wells reflects.

And he is right. Emotions were heavy during the concert, especially as Britt Nicole performed. At several points during her set, Nicole would stop to pray with girls in the front row who were obviously moved by her words. She touched on tough subjects in her talks between songs and encouraged girls and guys alike to know that they are enough and full of worth. This message of worth is the idea behind the tour title, “You’re Worth More Than Gold.” The personal connections she made with audience members made this concept a reality.

The performance became truly emotional as both Group 1 Crew and Nicole shared personal experiences and struggles. Manwell Reyes of Group 1 Crew shared his story of coming to faith, and going from a kid on the streets with a gun and stealing from people, to a high school senior handing his life over to God. Blanca Reyes Callahan, the other lead-vocalist of Group 1 Crew, shared her recent struggles in life. Having lost her father last November, she shared the strength she finds in God and her loved ones, as well as their music. The band also lost their third member, becoming a duo this past year, which was a struggle for them.

Nicole shared experiences from both her childhood and adulthood. She came to know and encounter God for the first time as a seven year-old girl in her bedroom late one night. Her parents were going through a divorce. She felt completely alone and abandoned. It was in that moment as she opened up her Bible that she felt God tell her that she was not alone and she never would be. She now hopes to share that message with all she encounters in life and on stage.

The concert overall had an atmosphere of worship, prayer and reflection. At one point, Britt even paused for five minutes to have audience members intentionally grab people around them and pray for them. The personable performers put on a show that left tears in the eyes of almost every audience member. Halfway through Nicole’s set, the tour manager made a point to remind the audience that “we have a God of big love. His love makes all love from all other people seem like hate.” The love that these artists have for both God and what they do through music made for an impactful and inspiring concert.

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