Modern business majors more than Hugo suit models

Business majors make me laugh. Many of us goof around too much, laugh too much, don’t show up for classes enough and don’t know anything about anyone save ourselves. Most of us like money too much and don’t use our heads as often as we should.

We are a weird breed, and we need to be prayed for daily. But are we that weird?

Surely not all of us are in business just to get a job and live in the suburbs. There must be something there besides money and fun that entices us. For many of us, business is about changing lives, working for the greater good and enjoying life. For all of the sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and others who think they know the corruption that humans bring to business, there is good news on the way that I am sure the textbooks of sociology do not impart.

Business is changing, and it is time for the non-business majors (and some business majors) to realize its effect.

We do not hear about it, just like we do not hear about much else that is decent. Americans are not entertained by slow processes that bring good; they are engrossed by evil things that defend their polluted way of thinking (e.g. Enron, Worldcom etc.). These are all we hear about, but believe it or not, they are a minority.

Let me take this opportunity to help shed some light on the new era of business that is evolving before our eyes. Companies have realized something: when they care too much about the bottom line (making money), their bottom line goes down, but when they focus on real matters (people, community, environment etc.), their bottom line actually goes up. You may be saying, “Dave, who cares?” or, “Dave, what does this have to do with society or human beings?” It is changing our world for the better. Baby boomer’s essence (freedom, love and community) has given the workplace a new outlook.

Leaders are now saying things like, “If it’s not fun, why do it?” or “Do now, ask later.” More and more companies are adopting the trend of decentralization in the workplace (employees are smart enough to figure stuff out on their own, so by golly let’s let them try, and if they fail, they will learn from their mistakes).

Companies are also catering more and more to employees’ desires. They hold votes that let employees choose anything from wages to where they want to live; they are giving more and more money back to lower level employees and are focusing on making the employees happy.

Many CEO’s these days are also realizing something crucial to the success of their companies: humility reaps profits. This is not necessarily a new concept, but a concept that has been tried in the past but been dismissed. Now it is becoming a trend and those who are the loudmouthed, Jag-driving, corner office CEO’s are looking like idiots.

Only the ones who sincerely care about their communities, employees, customers and environment are having the most fun, while reaping the most profits. The reason I write this is to show others what business is about. It is not about the bottom line anymore (although, it would be nice to make enough to stay alive). It is not about the top office and wearing Hugo suits anymore. It is not about working twelve-hour days and never hanging out with “the fam” anymore.

Business is about passion. It is about a “core” that brings better lives to people. It is about striving for justice, while practicing reason and having faith in something. Business is about having an effect on the world, and it is about changing this place for the better.

Business is evolving into a great future, and our generation is in for a treat. For those who think there is no way that the sinful human with pride and selfishness at the core can turn this world around, you were right 10 years ago, but generations have changed, and people’s priorities are taking a stronghold.

I used to always be embarrassed when I had to tell people my major. I would usually mumble, “business management.” I felt like it was not worthy enough to compete with the nobler social sciences.

On the contrary, many business majors have chosen business to help create a better world, and our generation will exceed the previous generation’s efforts, and America and the world will become a better place.

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