Midseason NFL Report

The NFL is about midway through the 2010 season, and it is arguable that there is a clear cut winner of every game. Unlike years past where the Patriots or Colts have dominated the NFL, this year’s season has been full of unpredictable upsets.

Along with upsets, there has also been to some new rules. The NFL’s biggest controversy has been the much-disputed “big hit” rule which was instituted after a weekend where many dangerous helmet-to-helmet hits occurred and resulted in $175,000 fines.

Many fans are upset because they watch for the big hits. Defensive players are also distraught as the rule protects a lot of the big-name players who sell jerseys and merchandise for the NFL. A defender’s job is hard enough without having to worry about where they hit the player with the ball.

Aside from the new rules, there are a few sleeper teams. No one expected the Oakland Raiders to be a 5-4 team after a horrendous 5-11 2009 season.

Most people probably never thought the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys would be having the terrible season they are having either. The Vikings (3-6) are having a lot of trouble getting in the groove with the dropping of long-time great wide receiver Randy Moss, as well as the long list of distractions coming from the Viking’s quarterback, Brett Favre.

The Cowboys (2-7) recently fired their head coach Wade Phillips after Phillips’ terrible start of the season and lack of change. The Cowboys hired Jason Garrett in hopes of motivating the players to perform better.

The NFC West division is very close between the Rams, Seahawks and Cardinals, and that division could be taken by any team that gets hot in the end of the season.

This season has given us a lot to watch, including trades, scandals and exciting last minute field goals. One thing is for sure, there is no given dominant team this year in the NFL like there has been in years past. Super Bowl XLV is still in the future for any team.

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