Men’s lacrosse team unifies in Florida

During Spring Break, Eastern’s men’s lacrosse team traveled to Clearwater, Fla., for a week of practice, community service and a game.

The week brought more than just physical labor for the men; it also brought a new sense of unity.

“That’s always one of the highlights – the bonding that takes place,” Head Coach John Levis said.

Through four-to-five hour practices on Monday and Tuesday, a game against Notre Dame de Namur on Wednesday and four hours of work with Habitat for Humanity on Thursday and Friday, the team connected on new levels.

When they were not spending time pulling weeds, assembling a chain-link fence, painting or clearing a plot for a new home foundation, the men found time for recreation. Their activities included going to the YMCA for basketball and a workout, go-carting, attending movies andbasking on the beach.

At the conclusion of each day, the team would come together for a meeting and discuss the events of that day with one another and the coach. This allowed for a different kind of learning experience that cannot be found on the field.

“We realized we had a lot more in common than just lacrosse,” team captain, junior Pat Dempsey said. “We really got to know each other; it’s like a family type deal.”

One feeling everyone agreed on was the impact of bonding this Spring Break.

Sophomore Aaron Mushrush said the feeling of camaraderie was not as strong last year during spring break.

A strong emphasis was made on the fact that Eastern’s men’s lacrosse is a young team, filled with players who will be playing side-by-side for the next three to four years.

“It’s about having each other’s backs and doing what we can on the field,” first-year midfielder Dan McQuay said.

As a result of noticeable support between the teammates, more selflessness and more dedication to the sport, men’s lacrosse has been victorious in two of their three games since break.

Most importantly, the team mates have come to care about one another both as teammates and as brothers.

“We come together for common goals and get the job done as a team,” Dempsey said.

“Bring anything on; nothing’s going to break us,” Mushrush said.

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