Men’s basketball player profile: Jason Reels

By looking at the men’s basketball team’s leading scorer, its hard to tell that all he wants to do is play video games and be around his family.

On the court, sophomore Jason Reels is a fierce competitor who will do anything to win. Jason has sparked the Eagles lately, helping them to become contenders in the PAC, while leading them in scoring and field goals made.

This success led him to win the Quintel Wireless Player of the Week award for the week of Jan. 28th.

Inside Jason is a kid at heart.

“I like to hang out and have fun,” Jason said. “Most of the time, when I am not at practice I am doing school work. I am a big family guy. I love to watch sports and definitely love to play video games.”

When Jason isn’t frustrating opponents on the basketball court, he is putting other people first.

“I try to think about others before myself,” Jason said. “I play for my seniors because this is their last year. They put a lot of responsibilities on me on the court that I have to perform. I love my teammates a lot; they inspire me more then anybody.”

Jason tries to play it cool when he makes mistakes on the court, but he would agree that he is also his biggest critic.

“Free throws are an issue that I have,” Jason said chuckling. “It shouldn’t be an issue though.”

It isn’t just free throws Jason works on.

“This year coach gave me the responsibility of guarding the other teams’ best perimeter player,” Jason said. “It is frustrating sometimes when you have to guard the best players in our league, which can get you down. It is a challenge for me, but I’m enjoying it.”

During these frustrating times, Jason uses things that mean a lot to him to keep him going.

“My faith is a big thing, [along with] my teammates and my family,” he said. “These guys embraced me the second I came on campus. My teammates are the reason why I don’t get down and play so hard.”

Jason also believes faith is what makes him get through the tough basketball days.

“What faith does is that it gives you confidence that God hasn’t given up on you. He gave you talent, and it’s up to you to maximize your talents as much as you can,” he said.

Jason strives to be more then just a basketball player as he majors in psychology and wants to possibly get into coaching after he graduates. He would like to play overseas in a pro league because he loves the game so much.

“I just want to be happy and living my life,” he said.

As of now, the way Jason is playing as an Eagle, he is doing just that.

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