McInnis makeover

Around the beginning of the spring semester, Donna MacIntosh, Campus Services Coordinator, emailed all Eastern University staff about a makeover project planned for McInnis this summer.

The changes will present a challenge to the many departments on the St. Davids campus that have offices in McInnis. To address this issue, staff members were asked to take a survey on how they would be affected and what resources they might need. Campus Services is trying to confirm the extent to which faculty members will need access to the building so the appropriate accommodations can be made.

The plans for the makeover are still being decided. One concern being addressed is that, during the remodeling period, certain areas may be inaccessible. These may include the Bradstreet Observatory and the Julia Fowler Planetarium—a clear problem for the astronomy department. Campus Services and the Astronomy and Physics Department faculty are working on negotiations to gain some access to these areas.

David Bradstreet, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Astronomy and Physics, stated, “There are serious concerns about access to the Observatory and the Planetarium, since a great deal of research and development in both of these facilities is undertaken during the summer months.”

The classrooms in other areas of the campus will be available for any courses or conferences scheduled for the summer semester. For instance, during the summer, the Conferences Department normally utilizes the McInnis classroom space. The Office of the Registrar is working on relocating such conference groups and classes.

Many details still need to be worked out for the renovations, which are scheduled to take place from the Monday following graduation through August 10, 2012.


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